Prevent Mold Contamination

A number of situations can lead you to suspect you're in danger of a mold infestation.
⏺ Structural leaks
⏺ Floods
⏺ Overflowing pipes
⏺ Leaking refrigerators, washers, or other appliances
⏺ Odd smells
⏺ Discolored walls

Don't keep guessing. Get WMIR in there to determine just what you're facing and what needs to be done!

Watch Out for Mold-Related Health Issues

Mold can be especially harmful to you and your family, attacking your immune system and causing a host of problems.
⏺ Sneezing
⏺ Eye irritation and itching
⏺ Stuffy nose
⏺ Shortness of breath
In severe cases, it can even aggravate asthma symptoms.

Depend on Us for Thorough and Effective Cleaning

WMIR employs effective tests to determine where mold is hiding. Our non-invasive equipment, including negative air machines and HEPA-filtered air scrubbers, allows us to safely and quickly remove the mold.

Water Mold Insurance Rebuild offers quality Mold assessment from the Treasure Coast to the Palm Beaches and surrounding areas including the following cities and counties: Saint Lucie County, Stuart, Daytona