Count on Our Water Damage and Mold Expertise

When you suffer structural damage in your home or business, your insurance claim will go a lot easier if you have properly determined the cause of the problem.

The experts at WMIR draw on over 30 years of experience. They have been dealing with thousands of claims. We know how to advance your cause and choose the best course of action.

Properly Determine the Cause of Your Problem

The first thing we'll do when visiting your site is to determine the source and cause of water damage and mold growth.

Often, water and mold go hand in hand because mold needs moisture to survive. If you face an infestation of black mold, it's probably linked to a leak or water infiltration.

Let Us Deal With Your Insurance Adjuster

Although most insurance companies will pay for what they consider to be accidental or unexpected damage, such as plumbing leaks or drainage problems, they are more hesitant when it comes to mold and other water damage.

It's essential that you have our licensed professionals on your side. We'll provide the services you need.

• Meet with your insurance adjuster • Explain the cause of damage • Outline the best way to address the issue and restore your property

If you think you have water damage or mold in your home or business, call us right away and let us get started on making things right.