Determine the Cause of Your Water and Mold Problem

Don't ignore the warning signs of water damage and mold infestation, such as stains in the grout of your tub or shower or water leaking from some uncertain source.
WMIR will find the source of your problem whether it's from your drains, the water supply, your air conditioning system, or the roof.
We're a family owned business. We have a mold remediation license. Call us today.

Let Us Explain to Your Insurer What Needs to Be Done

To uncover the issue, WMIR employs a battery of tests, including using infrared technology to record differing temperatures in the walls and to trace a leak to its source.

Our processes help us explain to your insurance company what the cause of your problem is, which in turn makes it easier for you to file a claim and harder for the insurer to deny it!

Call Us for a Cost-Free Property Evaluation

You pay for insurance for a reason, but you must do more than call your company when there's a problem. Let our professionals assess the situation and then let your insurance company pay us for it.

We may even find problems you don't see, so put our long experience and dedication to the test.