Ready to Assist You Any Time - Day or Night

From humidity and flooding to hurricanes and more, Florida residents face a host of threats that can cause mold and water damage.

Add in broken pipes and plumbing problems and you'll see why WMIR is your friend in need.

Count on Complete rebuild Work

We'll restore your property by making it look as good as new and by preventing the return of long-term leak and mold problems.
⏺ We'll determine where a leak starts and stop the problem at its source
⏺ We'll inhibit mold growth through the use of anti-microbial solutions
⏺ We'll dry your structure and dehumidify the internal air
⏺ We'll rebuild and remodel your damaged property

Precautions to Take Care During Your Water Emergency

⏺ Stop the flow of water, if possible
⏺ Remove as much excess water as you can
⏺ Dry wood furniture with a towel
⏺ Move all portable items away from the water
⏺ Raise heavy furniture on wood blocks
⏺ Pin up drapes and upholstery skirts
⏺ If you suspect the water is contaminated with sewer water, do not go near it

And now some important don'ts.

⏺ Don't use electrical appliances or outlets in the wet areas
⏺ Don't use your household vacuum to extract water
⏺ Don't place wet items on an absorbent surface
⏺ Don't run your heating or air conditioning system if you think water may be in the ducts
⏺ Don't enter rooms with wet or sagging ceilings
⏺ Don't leave absorbent materials like pillows, boxes, and papers in the wet area
⏺ Don't let children or the elderly enter the wet area